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A 01 Tom Bradford’s Torah Class – Intro to Book of Acts

By jhillaudio

An in depth, verse by verse, study of the book of Acts. This is the first time a New Testament Book has been done in this manner. It is the bridge between the Old and New Testaments. Lead by Tom Bradford, this Bible study takes us into many different areas of study involving Biblical times, customs, languages, time lines, critical events, not to mention an overview of how the teaching applies to us today.

What has been forgotten, but was clearly known by the earliest Church Fathers, is that these two works (or books) written by Luke were essentially two volumes of a single original work called the “History of Christian Origins”; the contents of the Gospel of Luke was volume 1, and the contents of the Book of Acts was volume 2. And because it was originally one work (not two separate books as we commonly think of it), it began to circulate among both Jewish and gentile Believers as a single work under the single title of “History of Christian Origins”. It was only later that it got separated into two works, with each volume given its own separate name and identity; that is, it was no longer used as one continuous book. So only after Luke’s original work was divided into two was each volume given its own name: one became the Gospel of Luke, and the other became the Acts of the Apostles.

Tom Bradford

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