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“A Zeal and Love for the Word of God.”!!

By aflame4God

The mark of a true disciple of Jesus is that he lives in the Word of God and obeys it! [John8:31-32 /John 2:2-6] A christian is a serious student of the holy scriptures.[Acts 17:11].We must feed on the Word daily and desire it.[Matt4:4 /1st Peter 2:1-2].The Word of God must shape our thinking,attitudes and actions! We must love,delight in and meditate on the Word.[Ps1:2] in order to grow spiritually and renew our minds.[Rom.12:2] Psalm 119 expresses a deep love for the holy Word of God.It deal with the Word as a promise,command,guide,wisdom,teaching,tr­­uth,rebuke etc..We grow in holiness and in grace as our love for the Word increases.If we want to live pure and godly lives and resist the evil influnces of our sinful culture you will have to get full of the Word of God and obey it from the heart.[PS.119:9-11] YOU MUST DECIDE THAT YOU WILL REMAIN LOYAL TO THE WORD OF GOD THE REST OF YOUR LIVES.You must make a stand for the Truth in the midst of wickedness.When we read the Bible with an earnest desire to understand it and obey it then we will develop in wisdom and in discernment and you not will be easily deceived .
As you delight in Gods Word it will develop a greater passion and zael for the Lord.The scriptures are to be studied as Gods inspired will for our lives.We are sanctified by the Truth! [John17:17,2nd TIM.3:16,Heb.4:12]Many churches have abandoned the Word of God and instead give shallow pep talks and self-help sermon which lack biblical content.All of us must be rooted in the Word of God and we must reject seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.[1st Tim 4:1]Once you begin to direct your life acording to the Word of God,life in Christ takes on a full,rich exciting meaning.The Word of God is a source of power !It is the sword of the Spirit ! [Eph.6;10-17]

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