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America has Grossly Sinned and Judgment is Coming up before the Holy Spirit

By Joe Walker

Nothing can stop what is about to happen…Jacobs troubles have just started….there is nothing we can do to stop what is about to happen….we have to trust our Father completely when this old World finds itself in a desperate situation, we will have a peace that passes all understanding…others will look at us and will be able to see the peace of our God that is written upon our faces…our Father God will look out for us when this old World starts to fall apart… didn’t our Father prove His love for us when He let His Son Jesus make atonement for us on that old Cross? Look to the old rugged Cross of our Jesus, without doubting, without fear, and then Jesus can do for us what He has longed to do for so long a time.
Look to Jesus and keep looking. Behold Jesus our Redeemer kinsmen and all doubts and fears will leave us. Our Jesus will do for us that which we cannot do for ourselves. We will look steadfastly toward Jesus….that symbolic serpent of brass that Moses lifted up on that pole so long ago. If we look with nothing doubting, Jesus will be able to deliver our souls our minds and our bodies. We will finally enter into the latter rain of the Holy Spirit that Joel the prophet spoke about that is coming in our day! We will get to cross over into Canan’s land and oh who a Canan land it will be to our souls!! There will be much rejoicing when the latter day Christians finally decide to fall upon their faces, with bended knees…we will humble ourselves before our loving God and we will receive our eternal salvation from our Jesus…we will become sons and daughter to the God of this great universe…why else would Satan be fighting us so desperately….Satan is angry that he lost his place in heaven and our loving God has done all within his power to adopt us into the family of God….we are greatly loved by our heavenly Father and by all of heaven…Reach out now and receive your deliverance made available to us through the blood of our precious Jesus!!

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