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Pilgrim’s Progress: Journey To Heaven

By Ken Potter 2008 – DRC Films Excellent adaptation of John Bunyan’s famous book. Follow the character of Christian on his journey to find the truth about heaven and experience the encounters he meets along the way. This allegory has very good truth presented and has the right message for anyone who wants to understand …

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Our God

By Duke Guillaume Duke guillaume, Power Of Praise, Live at Daryl’s House Club  

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Chris Coleman: Galatians Chp. 5

By MEINL Cymbals here’s Chris Coleman again. this time featured playing one of his song called “Galatians”. it starts very laid back and builts up for a fulminant finish. more to come. stay tuned.

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The Rapture: Part 1 – The Authority of the Church

By God’s Roadmap to the End In this video we begin a study of the contentious subject known as The Rapture. There is so much information about this subject hidden within God’s Word that we will cover this in a number of sessions, but at the end I believe that when we approach the Word …

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