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Black Star Update 1 21 2016

By Black Star

Seismic indicators say Earth shows signs of increased inability to maintain equilibrium reaching outside-orbit position, when earthquake values should be declining from reduced Black Star solar-redirected electromagnetic forces coming through the Black Star/Earth magnetic portal connection.

Year-over-year values show a dramatic increase with four of the 6-magnitude quake events breaking the three-year trend with no more than three of the 6-mag weekly quake events for this portion of the final lull period. Twenty seven of the 5-magnitude quake events for Week 51 is actually three events lower than last year with an uptick in the 2.5 to 4-mag quake events. My prediction for no 7-mag quake events through this lull period is holding true and I continue to expect none until about the first of March 2016 once the Black Star/Earth magnetic portal begins shortening at an accelerated rate.

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