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Perry Stone 2015 – The Rapture To Be Or Not To Be – Perry Stone

Buy provigil generic online, Buy modafinil in ireland

By Perry Stone 2015 Perry Stone 2015 – The Rapture To Be Or Not To Be – Perry Stone

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Why a post-tribulation rapture can’t possibly be correct!

Why a post-tribulation rapture can’t possibly be correct!

By Terry Malone When I read the scriptures, it seems that the Bible supports a post-tribulation rapture rather than a pre-tribulation rapture. I believe the rapture will take place at the seventh or last trumpet. What do you believe the Bible supports? I give my answer in the video. I would also suggest you read …

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Seven Belongs to God: The Fallacy of the Future Seventieth Week

Seven Belongs to God: The Fallacy of the Future Seventieth Week

By LightfolkMedia Many discussions of end times prophecy eventually go to recognizing the signs of the times. Often there is mention of one specific sign that will mark the beginning of the end: A seven-year peace treaty with Israel (and the world). . . . (T)his is sourced from Daniel 9:24-27 and the whole theory …

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September 23 2015 What will happen?

September 23 2015 What will happen?

By Robert Breaker Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker talks about September 23, 2015, and the many events that people are saying will take place on or around that date in September of 2015. For more videos, see:

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