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Close By – An Animation

By Full of Eyes
This video was made as a commission for Five14 Church ( Check out their band page for more original worship music:…

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All creation held its breath
Couldn’t wait for your arrival

Little baby so pure so perfect so much life

Tears of joy flowed from the heavens
at the sound of the first cry

That has echoed to this day, stole my heart, swept me away


What is life without you close by me, close by me?
What is life without you close by me, close by me?

Holding on to the whole world,
While being held, being cradled

So fragile, so small, what a gift, such a miracle

Shouts of joy shook up the heavens
When you walked for the first time

That has left a trail of grace that I will follow, that I will chase

Chorus (x2)

You came for me (x7)

A King laid in a manger, A King laid on a cross
Hope is here, truth has come (x3)

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