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Do you know the ancient Paths?

By Congregation Smyrna

Are you presently standing on the ancient ways?
As the sun rises in the east, you shall find wisdom to all truth as it was first written in the early Hebrew pictograph language from the very beginning of time. Now all other languages through the centuries of time that followed after the pictographs were created by man, with the help of Satan to be unclean, polluted and only hide the inspired words of Elohim from us. Our study will uncover and expose who Satan really is and how he uses his authority and trickery to deceive most in the world today. His violent deeds of injustice are still at work at the present time, so beware my friends and put on the full armor of Elohim, and keep it on at all times by continually studying your Father’s inspired word of truth, Amain.

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