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Fingerprints of God – The Dark Universe – Full HD Documentaries – New Science Documentary Films 2015

By Waleed Higgins

14 billion years ago the universe expanded from a single point in the “Big Bang”. “Dark Matter” then formed huge stars within the resulting cloud of hydrogen & helium. Nuclear fusion within those stellar cores created heavier elements such as oxygen & carbon. Those stars ran through their life cycle quickly before dying in massive supernova explosions – seeding the universe with the new elements before collapsing to form singularities (points in the physical world where space-time has been warped to infinity).

“Black Holes” merged and grew along filaments of “Dark Matter”. Galaxies of stars formed around supermassive black holes. Planets and moons formed around a new generation of smaller, more stable stars – held in their orbits by “Dark Matter”.

In the waters of the earth different elements came together into double helix strands of DNA – encoding the information for the first living cell. That cell replicated. Those cells came together forming complex multicellular organisms. Every organism is individually unique and slightly more complex than the one before. Generation after generation developed until the modern animal and plant kingdoms eventually emerged. Two of these new creatures became self aware with the power of conceptual thought and gave birth to the human race.

The universe continues to expand at an ever increasing rate as “Dark Energy” grows in strength. ”Dark Energy” will eventually tear the universe apart in the “Big Rip”.

Quran 21:31 And yet, they stubbornly turn away from all the signs of this creation, and fail to see that it is He who has created the night and the day and the sun and the moon – all of them floating through space!

13:2 It is God who has raised the heavens without any supports that you could see, and is established on the throne of His almightiness; and He it is who has made the sun and the moon subservient to His laws, each running its course for a term set by Him. He governs all that exists.

21:30 ARE, THEN, they who are bent on denying the truth not aware that the heavens and the earth were once one single entity, which We then parted asunder?

51:47 And it is We who have built the universe with Our creative power; and verily, it is We who are steadily expanding it.

4:11 And He it is who applied His design to the skies, which were yet but smoke; and He it is who said to them and to the earth, “Come into being, both of you, willingly or unwillingly!” – to which both responded, “We do come in obedience.” And He it is who decreed that they become seven heavens in two eons, and imparted unto each heaven its function.

71:13 What is amiss with you that you cannot look forward to God’s majesty, seeing that He has created every one of you in successive stages? Do you not see how God has created seven heavens in full harmony with one another, and has set up within them the moon as a light reflected and set up the sun as a radiant lamp? And God has caused you to grow out of the earth in gradual growth; and thereafter He will return you to it in death: and then He will bring you forth from it in resurrection.

21:30 and that We made out of water every living thing? Will they not, then, begin to believe?

39:5 He has created you all out of one living entity, and out of it fashioned its mate; and he has bestowed upon you four kinds of cattle of either sex; and He creates you in your mothers wombs, one act of creation after another, in threefold depths of darkness. Thus is God, your Sustainer: unto Him belongs all dominion: there is no deity save Him: how, then, can you lose sight of the truth?

23:12 NOW, INDEED, We create man out of the essence of clay, and then We cause him to remain as a drop of sperm in the womb’s firm keeping, and then We create out of the drop of sperm a germ-cell, and then We create out of the germ-cell an embryonic lump, and then We create within the embryonic lump bones, and then We clothe the bones with flesh – and then We bring all this into being as a new creation: hallowed, therefore, is God, the best of artisans!

20:105 AND THEY WILL ask thee about what will happen to the mountains when this world comes to an end. Say, then: “My Sustainer will scatter them far and wide, and leave the earth level and bare, so that thou wilt see no curve thereon, and no ruggedness.”

79:13 That Last Hour will be upon them of a sudden, as if it were but a single accusing cry – and then, lo, they will be fully awakened to the truth!

56:4 When the earth is shaken with a shaking severe, and the mountains are shattered into countless shards, so that they become as scattered dust, on that Day, then, shall you be divided into three kinds.

21:104 On that Day We shall roll up the skies as written scrolls are rolled up; and as We brought into being the first creation, so We shall bring it forth anew, a promise which We have willed upon Ourselves: for, behold, We are able to do all things!

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