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I Love You, Lord/I Exalt Thee

By eternalrhythmflow

Well, I have been working on this videosong now for 3 weeks and I cannot stop the audio and video from straying apart as it gets closer to the end. Totally frustrating. I apologize since I want my video offerings to be the best quality they can be. Basically, I do not have a computer optimized for this kind of audio/video work. I love my little PC but it just cannot handle this CPU demand. I would love to do more videosongs but I would need an iMac and the right software to do these right and that would cost money that does not exist in my world, unfortunately. Someday maybe. I hope you enjoy the music anyway. I did my best to make it sync but it’s not going to so I have to call this project “done” and move on before I pull all my hair out. Thanks for watching 😉

I pray it blesses you,

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