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Russian Wargames and the Black Star

By Terral BlackStar

Bonnie wrote:

Christine, we’re going to get a good share of this…on another e-mail that Terral replied to, today…he is Hell-bent on the BS coming and total destruction. I was watching one of the videos you sent the other day, actually two of them. This was a 3-person conference video, where the first contributor took a more positive view — my type of view, and I guess it was the other guy who said that we have two years left.

On the drought I was listening to a program on KQED radio yesterday…in a nutshell, this state is in a mess, that is, in governing the water districts throughout the state. We’ve got broken plumbing structure, wasting water, they talk about CONSERVATION, as if that is going to help. Why wasn’t rationing brought into the picture.

San Diego is supposed to be on track in development of desalination facilities for ocean water. I got to agree with Terral on this…too little, too late.…

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