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Seven Belongs to God: The Fallacy of the Future Seventieth Week

By LightfolkMedia

Many discussions of end times prophecy eventually go to recognizing the signs of the times. Often there is mention of one specific sign that will mark the beginning of the end: A seven-year peace treaty with Israel (and the world).
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(T)his is sourced from Daniel 9:24-27 and the whole theory is wrong for many reasons. This article takes up the simplest and most plain of them all. That is, seven is God’s number, and every seven in the Holy Bible belongs to the LORD God, including the seventieth seven in the Book of Daniel.

Some will ask why this is important. What is the worst that will happen if pre-trib believers find themselves in the midst of the Great Tribulation facing tremendous hardship, even the threat of death, for holding to faith in Christ Jesus? Do we assert that pre-trib believers will fail in the face of persecution because they did not practice saying “No!” to the false prophet? Of course not. Jesus promised help from the Holy Spirit in our time of testing, and that promise is to all believers (Mark 13:11).

The enemy of men’s souls would love for us to think that this issue of the yet-future seventieth week and the pre-trib rapture fallacy were simple matters on which Christians can agree to disagree without consequence. However, that is not the truth. Belief in a pre-trib rapture requires belief in the classic dispensationalism that supports it (aka ‘Darbyism’), which relies upon spurious conclusions that can leave one open to deception. Another danger is that lost souls hearing believers proclaim the certainty of the pre-trib rapture as strongly as they state their certainty about salvation in Christ Jesus might dismiss the latter with the former when the former does not take place.

It is out of love that we contend for the Truth that is given plainly in God’s Word from beginning to end, leaving behind the teachings of men without regard to popularity or numbers of books and dvd’s sold. We trust that, as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, you love us, too, and will keep any correspondence on this matter in accord with Ephesians 4:29-32, as we will in return.

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