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KEYS of TIME (2): The Jubilee Principle

KEYS of TIME (2): The Jubilee Principle

By Derek Walker The next major KEY unlocking the treasure chest of Bible Chronology is the Jubilee Principle. God measures time in Jubilee Cycles of 49/50 years (Leviticus 25). Through this KEY we show how the whole Structure of Time, as revealed in Israel’s history, is composed of Great Jubilee Cycles of 490 years.

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Keys of Time (1): One DAY with the Lord = 1000 Years

Keys of Time (1): One DAY with the Lord = 1000 Years

By Derek Walker This Series opens up the exciting subject of BIBLE CHRONOLOGY. In Part 1 we explain the first 2 KEYS of TIME, revealing God’s overall Structure of Time based on the Blueprint of Creation Week, where 1 DAY represents 1000 years of history. This revelation confirms we live near the End of the …

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