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The 70 Shabua of Daniel

By Joseph Dumond Sightedmoon

Daniel 12:4 Shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end.
Brethren, I believe we are now in those last days and this Prophecy could not be understood until now, in this last Jubilee Cycle; until people began to once again obey Yehovah and keep his set apart times; the weekly Sabbath, the Annual Holy Days and the Sabbatical Years. This prophecy could not be understood until the Sabbatical and Jubilee Cycles were understood. You are about to learn exactly what they show us for this end time.
Get ready for the most terrifying Prophecy in the bible to now be revealed to you the reader for first time since it was given to Daniel over 2552 years ago; terrifying to those who do not and will not obey and exciting and thrilling to those who do obey the commandments of Yehovah.

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  1. admin

    This video is good with respects to time line information. However it’s conclusions are suspect. In addition I can’t say I agree with his attitude while giving this lesson. Without love, and puffed up.

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