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The 70 Weeks of Daniel | The 1290, 1335, & 2300 Days ~ *Full Length Version*

The Restoration of the Scriptural Year:
The 70 Weeks of Daniel (Daniel 9:24) The 2nd Part of Daniel’s Dual Prophecy
The 1290 Days (Daniel 12:11) — 1335 Days (Daniel 12:12) — & the 2300 Days (Daniel 8:13-14)

*What is the Real Year? Not the pagan roman calendar year, which has been changed at the will and discretion of “kings” and “historians”.
*What is the True Year Since Creation in Beresheeth/Genesis 1? *Can it be Proven from The Word Only, Not using mans flawed, rearranged, and rewritten “history”?

Does the True Year have anything to do with the major changes that are going on in the Earth in these Days? Do you even know about Multitudes of Major Events that are happening??

After 4 Years of Intense Study, these questions were answered from The Word. This teaching was first taught on 4th Month 2nd Day 5992 s.c. (july 13th 2010)

Yahuah (the Heavenly Father) True Scriptural Year has been Restored.

As with all Restoration Truth Teachings, You must have an open Leb/Heart/Mind to Yahuahs Word. I pray that will Hear and Understand this teaching, and pass it on to all of your friends and family. As the Day and Hour is Pressing.

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