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The Gospel and Homosexuality

by David Platt

Romans 1:18-32
Homosexuality and the World…
n Homosexuality is innate .
4 “I was born homosexual.”
4 “God made me this way.”
4 “Homosexual orientation is one of God’s gifts in my life.”
n Homosexuality is fixed.
4 “My homosexual orientation cannot be changed.”
4 “This is just the way I am.”
n Homosexuality is loving .
4 “My partner and I love each other in an exclusive relationship. How can that be wrong?”
n Homosexuality is Christian.
4 “Jesus did not say anything against homosexuality.”
4 “I’m a Christian and I’m gay. How can that be if
omosexuality is wrong?”
4 “I attend a gay church where the presence of God is evident. How can that be if homosexuality is wrong?”
n Homosexuality is biblical .
4 “Passages in Scripture which deal with homosexuality have been misinterpreted.”
4 “The Bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality.”
Homosexuality and the Word…
n Sin disorders our worship .
4 We have exchanged God’s pattern for our preferences .
n Sexuality is good.
n Reproduction is good.
n Marriage is good.
n Sex is good.
4 We have exchanged God’s praise for our pleasures.
n We are all born with a heart of pride.
n We are all bent toward sexual deviation.
n Sin disorders our belief .
4 We have exchanged truth for tolerance .
4 We have exchanged the Word of God for the experience of man.
n Homosexual advocacy must maintain that…
4 The Bible is irrelevant .
4 The Bible is inconsistent.
4 The Bible is insufficient .
n Sin disorders our desire .
4 We have exchanged sexual responsibility for supposed rights . 4 We have exchanged what Scripture says about our desires for what
science says about our desires.
n Improper sexual desire is immoral, not inevitable .
n Sin disorders our behavior .
4 We have exchanged moral obligations for natural
n Causation does not imply justification .
n We do not always choose our temptations, but we always choose our reactions .
Homosexuality and the Gospel…
n The Gospel reorders our worship.
n The Gospel renews our belief.
n The Gospel refreshes our desire.
n The Gospel redeems our behavior.
Homosexuality and the Church…
n Look in…
4 Completely avoid selective moral outrage.
4 Biblically assess your spiritual (and sexual) condition.
n Look out…
4 Express humble compassion .
4 Maintain deep conviction .
n Look up…
4 Exalt His glory .
4 Proclaim His Gospel

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