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Trumpet 6 – Jerusalem Conquered – Armageddon News

By Armageddon News

Trumpet 6 — Jerusalem Conquered — 200 million soldiers will be involved in this world war which will kill one third of all mankind. We will prove, that what the apostle John was describing were tanks, even down to the color of their breastplates, Red, Blue and Yellow. At the center of these global conflicts will be the army of the Antichrist and his Middle-East alliance. One of the main wars of the Antichrist’s army will be against Egypt. Then at the mid point of the 7 year tribulation, he will break his peace treaty and attack Jerusalem and conquer it. And it will be trodden down by his Islamic army and the Islamic nations for 3 1/2 years. During that time God will send Moses and Elijah to preach in Jerusalem. When they have finished their testimony a great Earthquake will strike Jerusalem killing 7000 people. Mainly do not realize that the 6th trumpet starts around the mid point of the tribulation and lasts for the entire length of the war with Israel, right up until near the end of the tribulation, when the final seventh trumpet will sound.

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