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By Toonoljin Gankhuu

This three-hour epic production re-tells one of the greatest stories from the Bible as Abraham stands firm thanks to his incredible courage and trust in God’s promise that “ thee shall all families of the Earth be blest” (Genesis 12, 2-3).

Three of the World’s great religions – Christianity, Islam and Judaism – can look back to Abraham as their founder and their ‘Father in Faith; a great prophet who suffered and fought for his faith and spirituality. Richard Harris (Harry Potter films, Gladiator, Patriot Games, Camelot) is commanding in the title performance as he submits to God’s great trials. Barbara Hershey (Lantana, Tin Men, Hannah & Her Sisters) sensitively plays the role of the beautiful but tragically infertile Sara, tempted and tested by the Pharoah played by Maximilian Schell (Deep Impact, Players, Odessa File).

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