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The Caliphate and the Next Holocaust – Armageddon News

By Armageddon News In this broadcast we discuss the Time of Jacob’s trouble known to Christians as the Tribulation. We discover a coming future Babylonian captivity and Holocaust for Israel, and the role that the Islamic nations will play in that Holocaust. We discover that all the nations which the Bible’s Prophets prophesied against, are …

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By Toonoljin Gankhuu Directed by Ermanno Olmi and featuring the vocal talents of Oscars winning actor Paul Scofield (A Man for All Seasons), “Genesis – Creation and the Flood” is an amazing visual interpretation of the first book of the Old Testament. This epic film combines stunning visual re-enactments of some of the Bible’s most …

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Daniel and the Hidden Gospel

By KeyofDavidTV The true gospel of God’s Kingdom is revealed in the book of Daniel. Do you know that the book of Daniel contains Bible prophecy about an end-time crisis that will bring 10 nations together under a superpower? That crisis ties directly to a soon-coming financial crash that’s already developing. The Congressional Budget Office …

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The Midnight Cry – The Church Rapture

By tecministries This is a wonderful tender song expressing the thing we Christians are longing for…The Rapture Of The Church! The time when the Lord Jesus will come back to take us out of the earth to be with himself. The time when we shall see him as he is and be bathed in his …

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Plasma Ball – Radiant Energy – 1.5 to 18 Volt Battery Charger

By warcryrecords Introducing The World’s First, Plasma Ball – Radiant Energy – Battery Charger.In this video I’m using a Plasma Ball to charge a 6.6 Farad 20 Volt Capacitor to 13.5 Volts. I’m then discharging the Capacitor with a 12 Volt 12 Watt light bulb.this is a Proof of Concept Video.This is the Coolest looking …

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