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Derogatory Stereotypes : Brands which include cultural, racial, or sexuality-built slurs and you may references to help you derogatory stereotypes won’t be inserted

Instance, while Town and you may Empire is each other getting recorded because the provided brands, one another Town of Princeton and Kingdom of Ealdormere produce the untrue appearance of getting a beneficial territorial organization. Furthermore, if you’re Family can be recorded without any consideration title, Family away from York produces the fresh new untrue …

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Courtroom entities are not eligible to enter

3. Qualifications. Personnel or representatives regarding Recruit, Manager or the respective mother or member people, suppliers, service providers, specialists, sub-builders, providers, legal counsel otherwise ads, product sales, advertising, or promotion/pleasure agencies, and also the quick family members (lover, parents, sisters, and children) and you may family of any particularly employee otherwise agent, aren’t qualified. cuatro. …

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