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Daniel and the Hidden Gospel

By KeyofDavidTV

The true gospel of God’s Kingdom is revealed in the book of Daniel.

Do you know that the book of Daniel contains Bible prophecy about an end-time crisis that will bring 10 nations together under a superpower? That crisis ties directly to a soon-coming financial crash that’s already developing.

The Congressional Budget Office of the United States government has just released a frightening report of our financial debt, showing that the economy could collapse within 10 years. That crisis will affect the lives of every person in the United States. Such a collapse will affect Europe and create the conditions for a new superpower. The Prophet Daniel’s prophecy shows that this superpower will radically change the world, but not for the better.

Thankfully, Daniel’s prophecy also gives the solution to these major world problems. In the midst of his prophecy is the gospel message, but almost nobody sees it. That gospel holds the solutions to fix all of these problems we are facing.

The Daniel 2 image gives an overview of history and prophecy like nothing else in the Bible. It is the main tool God uses to unlock the book of Revelation. This episode shows how Daniel gets to the heart of the gospel message and how it ties directly into Bible prophecy.


This YouTube channel features the Key of David program hosted by Gerald Flurry. As presenter of the Key of David television program, which he began in 1993, Gerald Flurry proclaims the wonderful good news of the soon-coming return of Jesus Christ to Earth—to save mankind alive and usher in the peaceful, happy, wonderful World Tomorrow. This thrilling, transcendent hope permeates all of his messages. Through broadcast, print and personal appearance campaigns he also prophesies again, in the tradition of Herbert W. Armstrong, a sober warning of the unprecedented world troubles just ahead, which will precede Christ’s Second Coming.

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