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By Toonoljin Gankhuu

Roger Young directs this Emmy award-winning epic production of power and passion. Joseph is the favourite son of Jacob but he is the enemy of his jealous brothers in this famous biblical adventure. As Joseph enjoys love and gifts (including the celebrated coat) bestowed by his father, his brothers conspire against him and eventually sell him into bondage to an Egyptian. But Joseph is strong and clever and rises out of slavery to become a powerful and wealthy Egyptian official. As famine racks the whole region, the brothers are drawn inexorably to Egypt to seek help and food and are set on a collision course with Joseph.

This star-studded production includes the brilliant talents of Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley (Gandhi, Schindler’s List, House of Sand & Fog), Lesley-Ann Warren (Victor/Victoria, The Limey), Paul Mercurio (Strictly Ballroom), Martin Landau and Warren Clarke (Dalziel & Pascoe).

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