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Muslims of Islam to see the Light A1 of 7

By Walid Shoebat

Prophecy conference, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. Walid Shoebat Former Muslim and PLO Terrorist, now born again Christian and ambassador for Christ, speaks on end times prophecy and bible scripture from an eastern point of view. Walid Shoebat also addresses the threat Islam poses to world peace from the perspective of a former practitioner. This is broken up into three series’s, A1 through C8 A total of 22 ten minute parts. It’s advisable to watch A1-A7 first. so grab some popcorn, and learn about terrorism and prophecy from the perspective of a fella who was raised in a culture of Jihad and actually chucked a bomb at an Israeli Bank. Ratings on A1. Comments on A7.

A2 of 7 —
A3 of 7 —
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A7 of 7 —

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