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Signs of Wonder, of God, in the Heavens. Hubble Image HH34, HH2 News. blood, fire, smoke

By SeekTruthinLight

Incredible Hubble image has likeness of God; the Father, the Son; Blood, fire, and pillars of smoke. The serpent which is unmistakable and is clearly seen. Still we wonder even though I got the image from the Hubble site. Still, if all these biblical things are really there, what does it mean?

These are Hubble Telescope images: This is where I found them:
The news of its release:…
The actual image:…

An updated version, it show many Biblical likenesses all in one image HH34, from the Hubble site. This is image is from THE HUBBLE SITE, I HAVE NOT PHOTOSHOPED IT, as God is my witness, by the Holy Spirit within you, poured out upon all flesh. It is real a real image of stars, dust and Gas. I have not placed any likenesses in this photo except high lights in yellow etc. It is from the Hubble site, with links below. For some reason he has revealed this to me, that I share it with you, it is no joke. In faith, I believe it is wonders of God, and ponder its implication. Hubble scientist claim that it is stars dust, and Gas, and it is. But for me, in faith, I declare, God is trying to tell us something. Young’s Literal Translation of Job 38:31:
Dost thou bind sweet influences of Kimah? Or the attractions of Kesil (Orion) dost thou
open? This translation, different, is not of the many that are similar in there translation. A jewel in the roughage? Are these not Signs and Wonders, the like, spoken of in scriptures, concerning the Heavens? That the Jews and unbelievers see the miracles of God, and would now have faith to come to Him, in the latter days; that the Messiah had come; that the Word is true and He will come again in the clouds as the scriptures say? Is it not said, seek God in Christ, that He shall reveal Himself? Do we not see: There is the Father, The Son, and Holy Spirit linking the two? There is the Serpent below, and a dark false prophet, with Dragon upon his Cloak. There is Mathew, an apostle of Jesus; His witness, a good man in His heart. There is, what I believe is of John the Baptist whose severed head falls upon the knee of Christ, whose head doubles as the “Adam” figure’s head, as ( Man asleep). Adam, kneels before the throne of God, where in this image, the serpent is wrapped about him, (man); poised to strike, as the serpent seeks to consume him, but the pierced heel of Christ is in between; by the grace of the Lord, we are saved. The Vail has been lifted, I declare, that we receive signs and wonders in the Heavens, in these latter days. Though this is a collection of Gas, dust and matter, if you will, does it not signify what has been spoken of, in the Holy Bible? That when we humble our selves, we can see that the word is true; that God created all things, even the hand that placed these at Hubble, if it is so? At the very least, should we not seek the knowledge given forth in the Bible; to stand in the face the truth, which is deep within us all? Do we not feel, in some way, we are here for a purpose, one we yet not fully understand? but in this, somehow we know, deep within; there is something to all of this? Should we not be mindful of half truths and lies, which hides from us knowing the real truth? And to be humble as to receive that which is given; love, and the truth of our existence, in seeking the knowlege of the scriptures? In faith we know love.

LINKS to the Hubble site below where one can see the original image:……
Friend me at face book for stills and better descriptions of other things found in HH34 and HH47 which are also prophetic, about the third trumpet etc.…

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