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The Fall Feasts of Israel and the Timeline of the Final 7 Years of this Age.

By Gavin Finley

The three Fall Feasts of Israel are yet to be fulfilled. In this video we see that the next two feasts awaiting fulfillment stake out the the 70th Week of Daniel and the full 2550 day timeline of the final seven years of this age. The feast to feast time period for certain 7 year time periods and the 1260 + 1290 = 2550 days of those final seven years match up precisely and to the very day.

The 2014 to 2021 time window has now passed. The next time window in which the 2550 day timeline will precisely bridge the Fall Feasts is 2017 to 2024. For this reason I do not expect the future 70th Week to begin in 2015 as many are saying. God is being good to us here. There will be some important events and some strife in the next couple of years to be sure. And perhaps in the summer-Fall of 2017 the Psalm 83 war will happen. This may then lead to a peace that is global, even the 7 year covenant of Daniel 9:27. As for signs in the heavens, the coming solar eclipse of 2017 is worth special note. It is geographically specific just like the Russian eclipse before the collapse of the USSR in 1990 and the eclipse passing over the Russian armies as they advanced on Germany in 1914 and their defeat at the Battle of Tannenberg. A total solar eclipse will rake across the USA from sea to shining sea. O yes, America IS important in God’s end-time plans after all.

The next two years will provide us an opportunity to open up discussions of spiritual nature with unbelievers and nominal Christians like never before. We shall have some more time to get the Gospel out to the ends of the earth before the harlot years begin. Godspeed to all of you who love our coming Messiah.

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