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The Final Battle-full movie – Beast of Revelation

By footstepsofLiFE

This is the English Version .This movie was originaly created in brazil and in the portuguese language. There are no subtitles and this is the english version. It is available from other yotube users as La Ultima Batalle in portuguese or The Final Battle in English. This is and old classic movie by todays standards and it has been upscaled to the best possible quality HD 720. however please don’t expect HD like today, this is a remastered movie taken directly from youtube and upscaled and the audio was remastered too. so turn the volume up and let the movie load for a few minutes if your’e experiencing any difficulty in playback, thank you


A low profile gang member , young 22 year old Lucas finds himself in a soon to be persecuted christian church with his peers while living the double life. Throughout his life, he has had the protection of his guardian angel and had been convicted many times of the Holy Spirit to leave behind his affiliation with crime as soon as he became a man. One day, when it all boils down to prophetic intensity , Biblical truth starts unveiling in real life across the planet as and everyone is faced with the decision to keep the commandments of God or not. As the end of the world looms , The churches that preach the real truth about the sabbath day are persecuted and many of its members flee into other churches to keep a Forced and false deceitful sabbath day, for national and financial security, which happens to be the mark of the beast. Some quit their faith in God and the truth preaching persecuted church totally to live their own lifestyles. However , many members of society start hearing this truth for the first time in their lives and they become well informed about the global political and financial deception. These people then choose to follow God and strengthen their faith to unshakable foundations and soon replace the places of those that left their faith and believe in Bible Truth.And When everyone has had the Chance, the End Of The World Happens Fast.

What will Lucas choose , will he be saved or lost ……….. find out and enjoy.

This movie does not contain or support the theory f the Rapture and does not add to bible specified truths in the book of revelations therefore it is the most accurate christian movie to date though made a few years ago. ..

Q & A.

1. Are microchips the mark of the Beast ?

…Microchips are not the mark of the beast, the internet is just as good as a microchip for tracking people down, but the internet is not the mark of the beast.
The mark of the Beast is your identity by whom you worship, The True Sabbath Day which God rested on when he created the earth, is God’s mark because those who acknowledge it show that they worship the Creator and his Laws.

Those who worship on another Sabbath , which will be enforced by political laws, show that they worship the political and financial law makers of the world instead the laws of the Creator Himself . God is good and does not force or persecute people to keep his law. So even if people profess to go church and Honour God on the National Sunday( sunday sabbath) Law- aka NSL, they still keep a sabbath which was not instituted by the Creator Himself so , they are honouring the BEAST, who works through the powers of the world and also spiritual forces. thank you.

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