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The Promise of the Rapture – Part A

By Ralph Rome

There is so much biblical evidence about the pretribulation rapture and the tribulation,
that I could easily go on for atleast 10 hours or more. However; I’ll give you a good
solid start with BOTH biblical evidence and end-times evidence of this…
Part A and Part B of this video will further verify three things to you.
First, both the tribulation and the rapture are true events that are solidely confirmed in
the bible and throughout both the new AND old testiment.

Secondly, that the Rapture of we true Christians is happens just before the world wide
tribulation is declared by God.

Thirdly, we true Christians will be removed from this earth and enabled to escape the
tribulation via the Rapture BEFORE the tribulation starts.
Please share my videos and charts and help sound the alarm for others too. We all
have been given the chance to ready ourselves before God during this now quickly
running out grace period of God. Many will perish, but we who choose the narrow
path shall be saved and escape the wrath to come. IT IS BIBLICAL…

10b of 13

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